• Do you Sink or Swim?

Private Aquatic Training

Ready to diversify your exercise routine?

Aquatic Training provides the perfect introduction to exercise as it is easy on the joints and provides a great cross-training opportunity for the serious athlete.

Whether your goal is to diversify your workout routine, increase strength, build endurance, increase range of motion or lose weight, Boot Camp H2O have a qualified Aquatic Personal Trainer who will design an individualized water exercise program just for you.

From a senior water aerobics class to a high intensity cardiovascular cross training, we offer hour long sessions, and the convenience to exercise at your own house, and on a schedule that makes the perfect scenario to mantain your health. Why not make use of your backyard pool that has been sitting there just being used when you have guests over.

Personal training sessions and packages are available year-round. Equipment is provided. Pool can be provided on specific days and times. For more information, please contact us

Swim Stroke Clinic

Improving your technique is the best way to reach your swimming potential

Swimming faster requires that you work on developing your strength, nutrition, and most important your technique. Whether they need to improve their freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke or butterfly, our swim stroke clinic, teaches participants swimming drills and provide tips to help them improve their technique and reach out the maximum potential.

Learn how to execute your swim stroke with greater efficiency, it will generate more results with the same effort, place less stress on your body, and make you feel more comfortable flowing smoothly, rather than fighting through your swim workout.

Our small group stroke clinic sessions are one hour long and they are scheduled through the year.

Please feel free to contact us with questions regarding our swimming stroke correction clinic or to schedule a private stroke clinic session

Ideal Protein - Read FAQ

1. when I should start?
our coaching answer:

On your first visit to our office to inquire about Ideal Protein, we first have to find out if you qualify to be on the program. There is no diet that is for everyone! Remember dieting is a sacrifice, but it is for a limited time. The more you adhere to a program the faster the result occur. This couldn't be more true with the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Program. If you give it 100% you should achieve great results, but if you only give it 80% adherence you may get very poor results.

2. What to expect from Ideal Protein Weight Loss Program

- Quick weight loss without sacrificing muscle mass

- An understanding of how food affects and is utilized by the body, including what causes fat storage

- Utilization of fat for energy usually by day 4 — fat (including cellulite) that harbors chemical toxins

- Improved energy and appetite control, reduced cravings — usually on day 4 or 5

- Improved blood sugar and cholesterol levels, reduced blood pressure

3. Ideal Protein Weight Loss Program Protocol
"your last diet."

This is a 4 Phase Program to help you through every part of losing weight and keeping it off for good. That's why we say this is "your last diet."

It is a physician monitored program because as your body improves its health you may have to reevaluate any medications you may be taking. If you have severe kidney or liver disease you can not be on this program. If you have concerns in this area, the appropriate blood tests will be taken prior to starting this program. I have had patients who have brought their cholesterol and blood pressure back to normal during this program.

The Ideal Protein Weight Loss is based on creating a mild state of ketosis in the body, where the body stops using its glycogen (sugar stores) and uses fat for energy. The liver produces ketones from the breakdown of fat, which are then used by the body for energy. This is done by reducing the carbohydrate intake to a very specific amount and then providing the body with an adequate amount of protein in order to maintain lean muscle mass.

This ideal diet has a beginning and an end. Carbohydrates are not the enemy, it's certain combinations of foods when you are finished with this program, we want you to be able to enjoy all foods

4. Why Having Adequate Protein and Maintaining Lean Muscle Mass Is the Ideal Diet

Lean muscle mass is one of the important factors in regulating your metabolism. Protein is vital to your organs and ideal for maintaining your lean muscle mass. A strictly low caloric diet often does not provide adequate amount of protein. As a result, during the weight loss, lean muscle is lost which effectively lowers your metabolism. In other words, when you finish the typical low calorie diet you have to eat less to maintain your weight than before you started of the yo yo diet.

What clients say about Ideal Protein!


To say that Bootcamp H2O changed my life might be an exaggeration, but not much. Several years ago, as I approached my mid-40s, I was carrying more weight than was good for my body and while all my tests were in normal range, they were high for me. I knew I needed to do something, and while I had always been active, I had never been much of a gym or group class person. While at the LK Swim School at the WJCC, I saw an announcement of a new water-based fitness class, and thought, "why not?" I went to my free trial class, and was hooked.

The classes are challenging, ever-changing, motivational and fun! As I got stronger, Igor started making the elastics tighter, the weights heavier, and the reps/laps more. So it got easier and harder at the same time. He can really take his group work out and adjust it for your fitness level, while you're in a class, but always pushing you a little harder. As I saw my body start to tighten, my weight decline and my endurance, strength and lung capacity grow, I knew it was time for the next step in my journey and signed on to Ideal Protein. I trusted Igor through my time in Bootcamp, so I knew he wouldn't steer me to an unhealthy or unrealistic diet. And then, over 5 months, I lost 40 pounds. I didn't think of myself as someone with will power, but it was easy to follow and I wasn't hungry (mostly), and it just carved away at the fat while protecting the muscle mass I had developed.

I have come to appreciate my late-40s body for the fit and healthy example it is, but it's being like that -- fit and healthy -- which is more important than a number on a scale or a size of clothes. I feel like I keep getting challenged every class, and I have never stuck to an exercise and healthful eating style for this many years in a row. There are two days that stick out for me. The first was when I put on those leather pants from before having children -- and they were too big! The second was when I renewed my driver's license and realized that I my weight was incorrect, as it is for most of us, but it was higher than my weight not lower.

On top of that, I set an example both for my kids, on how to set and stick to goals, and for friends, many of whom also have had success with exercise and Ideal Protein after seeing me. I recently had my picture taken for a newspaper article (it ended up on the front page unbeknownst to me), and when I saw it I didn't give myself a hard time and put myself down, I thought, "that's pretty good." I feel lucky to have found Bootcamp H2O and Ideal Protein, and I now couldn't imagine my life without them.


H2O Bootcamp is a challenging and very fun workout. I've taken four classes now; and it really is like no other aerobic class.

Since beginning, I've noticed my knees are feeling much better and aren't in constant pain. I didn't realize how much muscle strengthening swimming can do if persistent at it.

Igor, is soft-spoken but runs a tight ship. He pushes each student to meet their maximum potential. I appreciate that he takes the time to watch each student's performance and provides feedback on how to improve. He teaches with a lot of heart.

Lastly, I appreciate how kind classmates are to one another. It makes it enjoyable and a supportive environment to workout in.


Run by Igor & Dana with both beginner and advanced classes, Boot Camp H2O is not like any workout you've ever done!

They do a good job of varying the workouts from day to day, week to week so your body will always be guessing which is awesome for your workouts! I'm a beginner through and through so it's been a learning curve for myself which is great as it makes me want to work/try harder to get better at swimming.

Igor & Dana along with the other instructors make sure you understand what you need to do, how to do it and keep you motivated throughout the challenging but fun hour of working out which starts off on land with an abs workout that they switch out from class to class and trust me, this isn't your run of the mill abs workout as it will leave you sore regardless of your level.

Make sure you come prepared with goggles that suction to your face as well as a pair of fins (if you have them already, if not there are bins for you to borrow fins for class, if needed). If you're looking to switch up your workouts and add some training if you're planning to do triathlons, this is the boot camp for you and I highly recommend it and it's quite affordable!


Since I join the H2O Boot Camp I feel AWESOME! I use to struggle to get myself to the gym and there was always an internal battle between the me that wanted to go for the sake of my health and the lazy me.

This battle is finally over because going to this boot camp is so much fun that I actually want to go! I feel better, have more energy and has tremendously help me emotionally, I use to deal with anxiety and since joining the boot camp my anxiety level is going down.

I feel very fortunate to be a part of this. Thanks!


When I first saw this boot camp on Groupon during the Summer, I HAD to get it...I missed the deal. So, when a client mentioned this workout a few months ago, I immediately went to the web-site and signed up.

This is the BEST workout ever! Probably the fastest hour I have experienced in awhile. I was a little nervous at first getting into the pool, seeing that nowadays I only jump into the pool for fun. I had fun and exercised like I was training for the Olympics. Everyone was very welcoming to the "newcomer" and made me feel part of the group.

Igor and Lana are top notch, they have stellar customer service. They make themselves available for any questions and help you get on a schedule that best fits you. They are NOT pushy and I really like that!

Lastly, I like the fact that you are able to take a trial class to see if this boot camp is a good fit for you. I have to admit, this is not for everyone but if you come and get in the water you are definitely going to have fun.