Boot Camp H20 – One of the Most Preferred Water Fitness Program in LA

Boot Camp H20 offers resistance equipment to develop resistance on your wrists and ankles. There are real weights and medicinal balls. Both beginner and intermediate sessions are available, but make no mistake — this is no sissy splash or water ballet. It is a wicked water exercise.

Swimming skills are essential for safety when you are participating in a water workout. Moreso when you are participating in Boot Camp H20 since you will be swimming face down for no less than one hundred yards, and you’ll also be required to dive 7 feet down and tread in water.

Most of Boot Camp H20’s patrons have great shape and have experienced a knee injury or back injury. They are usually injured athletes seeking an alternative and more effective fitness program. However, you will also find individuals who are not trying to recover from an injury. Boot Camp H20 embraces both and offers a challenging adventure for both.

Most people like to participate in activities such as running to stay in shape. While running is a great activity to develop your strength and resilience, it can sometimes cause your joints to get hurt. Boot Camp H20  is a great alternative since it allows you to experience an intense workout without worrying about your joints.

Many patrons have recovered from injuries more quickly by participating in Boot Camp H20 than they would otherwise. Boot Camp H20 is highly recommended by patrons who believe it is the most effective solution for people seeking intense, low impact workouts.

Boot Camp H20 is highly likely to continue to be one of the most preferred water fitness programs in Los Angeles in the near future, not least due to their recent investment by Equifax. The diversity of packages offered make it more convenient for patrons since they can choose how many classes to have per week based on their needs and budget. The program’s intensity and rigor make it a particularly attractive endeavor, especially if you are looking for something challenging to stretch your limits or would like to achieve more rapid progress. Low-impact workouts mean that you do not have to exert undue stress on your joints, which is a bonus. Another great thing about Boot Camp H20 is that you get access to highly experienced swim instructors. You will also have access to various resources including video tutorials such as interval dumbbell session, noodle Bootcamp, and tubing with handles that will help you move at your own pace. All in all, Boot Camp H20 is a great option if you are seeking an intense, low-impact program or are simply looking for a change in routine. It is no walk in the park, but you will receive a handsome reward.…

Boot Camp H20’s Programs and Workouts

Boot Camp H20 allows you to exercise your energy by taking the intensity up a notch and keeping your motivation levels through a series of rigorous workouts. Muscle and aerobic conditioning circuit stations or interval sets make the program challenging and diverse. At its core, Boot Camp H20 explores 3 distinct workouts: interval dumbbell session, noodle Bootcamp, and tubing with handles. The program concentrates on three intensity levels that significantly boosts the workout and fitness of patrons through a self-paced system. 

Before you join Boot Camp H20, ensure that you are ready to stretch the limits of your ability, because that’s exactly what you are getting yourself into. Boot Camp H20 is geared towards confident, strong swimmers who can move fast and hard consistently for sixty minutes. The program’s traditional and aerobics strength training, water polo, boxing, swimming, and rigorous cross training are rigorous enough to challenge even the most enduring swimmers. On your first day, you will undergo a swim test to examine your suitability for the program. Since the program is relatively intense, participants are allowed a refund if they can’t keep up with the program or aren’t particularly strong swimmers.

The low-impact and high intensity workout of Boot Camp H20 is perfect if you are seeking a fitness program to help you get back in shape after an injury, or want to do a different routine. It is the perfect way to obtain real results whether you are a beginner or an aquatic sports enthusiast.

One of the perks of joining Boot Camp H20 is access to a highly experienced fitness instructor. Hailing from  Brazil, the founder and fitness instructor at Boot Camp H20, Igor Porcuincula, is a certified physical therapist, Red Cross lifeguard, and swim instructor. Igor Porcuincula learned how to swim when he was six years old. He has never looked back ever since. He naturally enjoys swimming since it has brought him joy throughout his swim instructing career and through his experience in the youth swim team. Igor Porcuincula’s experience includes a nine-year stint at Lenny Krayzelburg’s Swim Academy where he learned a lot about swimming and gained profound knowledge on the sport. Porcuincula’s experience as a physical therapist provided unique insight when he was creating this fitness program to meet each patron’s physical needs.

If you are accustomed to the regular boot camp, you’ll find Boot Camp H20 quite different. You will essentially be stretching the limits of your physical abilities. The reward? You will become healthier and lead a more fulfilling life. The beauty of Boot Camp H20 is that it is low impact. It involves your entire body every day and develops your lung capacity which complements everything else you do. In addition, the workout significantly lowers your body fat. You can do a lot more in water than on land. For instance, you can do ten pushups in water even if you can’t do a single one on land.

Lana Shapiro and Igor Porciuncula were very keen when creating a fitness program that limits the impact on the joints. This is one of the main reasons why Boot Camp H20 became an instant hit with patrons. You can participate in several lunges and squat jumps without your hips and knees feeling a lot of pressure. However, do not mistake this to mean that the workout isn’t hardcore. The warm-up, strength training, and cardio can be particularly hardcore.…

Boot Camp H20 – Water-based Exercise

Boot Camp H20 is a rigorous fitness program that expands lung capacity, offers the advantages of water-based exercise, with an insignificant effect on joints and the resistance and weight training of an old-school gym. Currently situated in LA, Boot Camp H20 is unique because it is a high-intensity cross-training of cardiovascular exercises, traditional strength, modified plyometrics, water aerobics, water polo, and swimming. Unlike most water fitness programs that focus on individuals recovering from injury and senior citizens, Boot Camp H20 offers a program that is challenging for swimmers of all physical shapes and ages. Whether you have significant aquatic experience or are a recreational swimmer, Boot Camp H20’s eight-week 60-minute sessions will test your limits.

Taking place at the Olympic Boulevard’s JCC Pool, this eight-week program combines traditional cardiovascular workouts, modified plyometrics, water aerobics, and water polo in various packages. The packages range from one day a week to five days a week. The one day a week package covers a total of eight classes for $250 ($31.25 per class). The two days a week package covers a total of sixteen classes for $340 ($21.25 per class). The three days a week package covers a total of twenty-four classes for $400 ($16.60 per class), while the five days a week package covers a total of forty classes for $475 ($11.87 per class). Generally, the more sessions you choose per week, the lower the cost per class. This is a great deal especially if you would like to participate in many classes.

The objective of Boot Camp H20 is to offer a more athletic take on fitness programs (high-performance patron through weekend warrior). The program will allow you to have more command of your exercise routine through various intense workouts. Cardiovascular conditioning intervals are integrated into muscular strengthening sets and flexibility using the multi-dimensional resistance and protection of water fitness. 

Both deep and shallow formats are used for cross training benefits and diversity. Buoyancy equipment like dumbbells and noodles offer both resistance and assistance for programming. In addition, tubing with handles is incorporated to add intensity and tethering training with practical exercise. Boot Camp H20’s calorie burning session maintains the challenge and intensity of water training while offering relief from joint stress and impact.

Course materials include an instructor certification manual, and an instruction manual featuring a study guide with questions and answers. The program’s participants also get to enjoy access to  DVD tutorials including Boot Camp with Dumbbells, Aquatic Noodle Boot Camp, and Shallow Water Boot Camp. Other features of the Boot Camp H20 fitness program include laminated reference cards, a unique certification examination process, an online profile, and an E-Diploma upon successful completion of the exam process.

The course covers a background of Boot Camp H20 and explores circuit and interval training, noodle boot camp, fundamental boot camp programs, equipment overload, a question, and answer study guide, as well as practical tips to help you complete the certification examination process.…